Those queues and waiting in the scorching sun are the first big Carnival in China.

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If you have been in a new sale of apple, or have been queued to buy Air Jordan, Yeezy limited edition shoes, you must not be unfamiliar with the hot atmosphere of a Pop-up flash store. Hundreds of thousands of users are queuing up and nervous. They can't wait to get the first flagship plus 6. The &ldquo of the world; refueling ” people are participating in this feast to share the atmosphere of love and gathering together.
Unique “ one plus phenomenon ”
Recently, a mobile phone has been held in 26 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, in 11 countries, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. According to one plus mobile social media data, the global participation of over 15000 people has been warmly welcomed by users. In Germany, users waited for more than 17 hours, and at the earliest visitors to the scene in New York, in New York, for 11 hours, and in Bangalore, India, consumers had even forgotten the fact that it was raining in line with the enthusiasm of 6.

In Bangalore, India, thousands of people queued up for the purchase in the rain.
It is worth mentioning that one plus Pop-up flash shop has been carried out abroad before, and the current domestic users have not yet formed a forming cognition of its “ flash store activity &rdquo. This first Canadian Pop-up was held in China for the first time, relying on its strong influence on users, attracting a large number of fans to queue up to rush to buy. This is a rare and fresh experience for domestic consumers, after all, the domestic queue to buy new mobile phones, this matter, the past will only happen on the powder, domestic mobile phone manufacturers rarely have such a phenomenon. But one plus did, and the degree of popularity sweeping the globe formed its unique “ one plus phenomenon ”

The first introduction of Pop-up into China has led to massive queuing up.
One plus CEO Liu Zuohu also said in social media: “ this is the largest and most influential world Pop-up event in the history of a cell phone, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of global users and growing fast. ”
In fact, it has been four years since the event of a Pop-up flash shop was held. As early as 2015, when one plus mobile phone launched Pop-up flash store in New York Times Square, it attracted local users. Since then, every Pop-up flash store activity on a mobile phone has attracted a large number of users from all over the world to queue up for panic buying. After four years of development, the Pop-up flash shop has become a combination of the tradition, and the global user queuing rush to buy a new machine has gradually evolved into a unique “ one addition of “
Only do the best
Both at home and abroad, a plus shows its unique charm. As a matter of fact, the &ldquo displayed in the Pop-up flash shop and the &rdquo phenomenon are the inevitable result of its long adherence to the quality line.
One plus is one of the few Android mobile camps that insist on launching 1~2 flagship products every year. The insistence on the boutique line reflects the ultimate pursuit of product and quality by Liu Zuohu, a mobile phone CEO.
As one of the biggest product managers, Liu Zuohu said he could not tolerate &ldquo, a product with a general performance and a general performance of &rdquo. “ I am really not good at making a product with a preset product cost, which is not consistent with our product concept. Every time I plan to add products, I always think about how to bring the best technology and technology to everyone. I like and pursue high quality products. &rdquo, Liu Zuohu said at one plus 6 press conference.
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